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Has Growth Unexpectedly Made Business Hard?

Many business owners hope growth will solve their problems. However, it can unexpectedly make business much harder.

  • Do you feel like you never have enough time?

  • Are operations becoming increasingly difficult?

  • Are your employees too busy to take on new responsibilities?

  • Are mistakes costing you money and customer good will?

Experience Your Dream of a Thriving Business

Through hard work, you’ve been able to turn your great idea into a growing business. However, you dream of seeing it not only grow, but thrive.

• Know what is happening in your business.

• Equip your employees to be productive & confident in their work.

• Give your customers a reason to appreciate working with you.

• Gain the time to focus on what’s important.

Streamlining Your Business Through Custom Software

If your business is growing, you have a great product and great people. To take it from growing to thriving, you also need great processes.

• Great processes provide structure & support that help your business thrive.

• We work to understand your business & simplify your processes.

• We help you accomplish the things you do more easily & consistently.

Software Solutions

Every organization has unique needs. These examples show how custom software can streamline processes in diverse settings.
Scholarship Management Program
Faith Builders Scholarship Services in Pennsylvania
A database that enables tracking donations from hundreds of businesses to thousands of students through one hundred schools. The application enables administrators to track businesses that donate year to year, automatically send reminder emails, apply to the government on behalf of the businesses, process the donations, notify schools of available funds, manage parent applications, calculate and propose scholarship disbursements to students, and generate thank you notes for the donors.
Maintenance Tracking Database
Multi-Location Farm Co-Op in Midwestern USA
The co-op has hundreds of pieces of equipment in 8 different locations. The application allows maintenance personnel to view maintenance records, track when scheduled maintenance needs to occur, create inspection templates, fill in inspection forms using a tablet, view maintenance requests by location and priority, and verify for inspectors that required maintenance has occurred.
Financial Reporting & Analysis
Non-profit Hospital and Development Organization in Asia
Managers previously received printed reports which didn’t allow them to drill into details when they had questions. Now each manager automatically gets an email when accounting data is ready for analysis with a link to an online report that lets them explore the data interactively. Custom access permissions can be set for individual managers to manage what data each manager is allowed to see.

What Software Can Do For You

Workflow Management
• Systemize work or projects that have multiple steps
• Know that work is being done correctly (you aren’t accidentally missing steps)
• Understand the status of your projects 
• Ensure deadlines are met 
• Automatically notify customers or team members when status changes or deadlines change
Data Management
• Organize critical business information in one place 
• Connect information from multiple sources 
• Ensure that only people with permission can view or change the data
• Track changes to important information
Task Management
• Centralize tracking of tasks
• Provide employees with prioritized task lists
• Give managers insight into what team members have on their plates
• Ensure tasks are completed on schedule
Financial Analysis
• Analyze key financial metrics
• Integrate your accounting data with other important business information
• Produce financial reports that tell you what you want to know
• Drill into details to understand what is happening 
• Save employee time by reducing hand entry 
• Improve customer retention by providing better status information 
• Free up managers' time by providing tools to assist them in their roles
• Automate emailing of relevant information
Information Access
• Access business information from home or on the road
• Produce Excel, Word, and PDF documents from your business information 
• Let your website directly access your business information
• Connect with other software packages

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