Photo by Nahian Khondoker

About Us

CodeCrafters International Ltd was established by Ellis and Lynita Miller in 2007. The development team is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a U.S.-based sales and support team. Our team of 20+ developers provides customized business solutions to growing businesses in the USA and other parts of the world.
We Know Software
We have over 20 years of experience in designing and developing large-scale enterprise software. We apply the same professionalism to our custom business solutions.
We Know Small Business
Our family roots go back to farms and bulk food stores in rural Kansas. We understand the challenges small businesses face.
We’re Here to Serve
At CodeCrafters, we love seeing businesses grow and flourish. Our skilled senior designers and team of 16 software developers are ready to provide tools that fit your business.

Our Values

We pursue excellence not just because it works—though it certainly does—but because there’s joy in a job done well and there is beauty in seeing the good work of others.
Ongoing learning forms the foundation of a successful business and of a life well-lived. Learning thrives in a context of shared pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, of generosity in sharing one’s knowledge, and of openness to learning from others.
Every relationship depends on trust and character. Business is no different. Our commitment to integrity is based in the understanding that we are accountable to our Creator for the choices that we make.
We recognize that all of us have received much from others, and all of us have much to give. We value the relationships and the investment in others that create trust and build community. 
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